I am a life-long student of yoga. Yoga found me in 2008 and helped me recover from injuries that I was accruing through marathon running. I begin finding physical healing for my foot, knees and lower back and slowly emotional and mental healing begin to also take place.

In 2012, my father was the victim of a violent homicide and I had a huge healing journey ahead of me. Yoga became the path of that journey into acceptance, peace and on-going healing. The safety of my mat and the supportive, loving community of Inner Evolution Yoga (IEY) made it safe for me to fall apart and slowly come back together again.

IEY announced an upcoming teacher training at the exact time I was looking to deepen my yoga and healing practices. In 2013, I became an RYT-200 and have continued my education in Yin Yoga, Reiki I and Trauma Informed Yoga Training.

I strive to study all 8 limbs of yoga and bring what I am learning (and screwing up) into my teachings. I invite my students to learn, heal and breathe along with me. The only time my head completely turns off and my heart takes the lead is when I am teaching. From my heart, I hope to lead my students through a healing experience with a focus primarily on pranayama (breath) and asana (postures) secondarily.

If you are not in Southern California, some resources I recommend for establishing a yoga practice are:

  • Curvy Yoga (accessible classes for all body types)
  • YogaGlo (online database of all levels of classes for $18/month)
  • Yogis Anonymous (online database of all levels of classes for $15/month)
  • Yoga International (online database of classes and wonderful modifications)
  • Yoga Journal (great resource for pose breakdowns)

Some of my favorite yoga teachers are:

If you do not think yoga is for someone like you, please check out my series, “What Does A Yogi Look Like?”


Angelina’s style of teaching is so welcoming and gentle that I didn’t feel self-conscious about my size or inabilities like I usually am when trying a new yoga class. She will make you feel at home in your own skin and empower you to push yourself a little further every time. I would recommend her class to anyone who has the mistaken notion that yoga is not right for them for whatever reason. Her peaceful approach will set your body free.

Jeshanah NaraBemi

The union of mind, body and spirit is demonstrated in Angelina’s classes. I think that I’ve attended all the classes that she offers. She puts thought in all these classes whether it be yin, gentle movement, beginners, or intermediate. I loved her classes based on themes such as the chakra series. She opens her students to new concepts, ideas not just learned on the mat but which can be applied to daily life.

Kimberly Rice

Angelina Your classes are just what we need mid-week. They are a perfect blend of poses and true spiritual experiences. We love all the preparation you obviously do before each class.

Chris McGinn