I have been vegetarian since March 2006 (you can read all about my Road to Vegetarianism here) and vegan since August 2012 (you can read about that transition here.).

I am vegan for the animals. I strive to live my life by the principles of ahimsa (non-violence) and cause the least amount of harm to my mother earth and fellow beings. However, this does not mean that I am perfect or desire to be critical of anyone else’s choices. I certainly was not raised vegan and understand how food is deeply tied to family, social norms, emotions and even spiritual practices.

I have made small changes over a long period of time and still try to improve my overall health and carbon footprint. I will share some of those discoveries in my journey and am open to discuss, answer questions about my experience and support anyone looking to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes into their diet.

Cultivating a plant-based community has been integral for support, knowledge and positivity. I have learned about new recipes, vegan-friendly restaurants and made some amazing friends by following #vegans on Instagram, joining a local Meet Up group and blog following/commenting. Vegan bloggers have been a powerful source of support and information along my journey. Some of my favorite are: