Thank-you for stopping me and wanting to know more! I am an organized, anxiety-prone over planner in my head, with a loving, but wild gypsy heart. My life’s work is to balance out those forces. I am a middle school counselor who spends my days talking to 11-13 year olds about making good choices, earning good grades and filling in gaps in their education by introducing them to ‘NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys. In the evenings and on some weekends, I teach yoga. My yoga home is Inner Evolution Yoga, but I also teach classes in living rooms, salt caves and backyards. Invite me over.

I live in Sunny Southern California with my history-teaching, always-singing, fellow yogi & vegan husband Philip and my tennis-playing, lego-building, dog-hugging step-son Dylan. I have two naughty, but adorable American Bulldogs named Suzie and Penny.

HEALING and CONNECTION are my passions. I think healing for hearts, bodies, minds and souls is ushered in through the connections we establish with our guides, ourselves and the energy around us. I wish for healing throughout the entire world, just like Micheal Jackson. This is a too-big-for-me job, but I try to bring healing to my own world by doing my own work and sharing it with others through writing, cooking, yoga and my daily interactions.


On this blog, I share about my yoga journey, my plant-based recipes, obnoxious pictures of my bulldogs, recaps of my travels, hikes and backpacking trips, what I am reading and my healthy/natural living obsession of the moment. I am inspired by YOU. I have learned so much from other people’s stories and journeys. I want to hear yours and connect with you.

Let’s be friends. Comments are my favorite and I appreciate the feedback.