We conquered our second peak in the Six Pack of Peaks challenge! Last weekend, we crossed Cucamonga Peak off our list!

This hike was definitely challenging, but not as mentally confronting as Mt Wilson.

Just like Mt. Wilson, the actual mileage we hiked was more than I read about and that was posted. We reached the peak via Ice House Canyon trail. It was marked that we would hike 2.6 miles to the Ice House Saddle, then an addition 3.4 miles to the peak, 6 miles total and a 12 mile complete hike. Our whole team clocked in over 15 miles on our Fitbits, but we were more mentally prepared this time to complete more miles than anticipated.

We had a smaller group for this hike. Four of us are doing the six pack of peaks challenge and two of the girls were doing their first ever peak hike! It was exciting to see their excitement as they summitted a mountain for the first time. Their energy was infectious and motivating.

The trail did not feel as steep as Cucamonga. There were certainly challenging spots were it was difficult to carry on a conversation because of high heart rates, but I never felt the despair I did on Mt Wilson. The last 1.0-1.5 miles to the peak felt endless! Especially because I saw on my Fitbit that we were well past the 6 mile point and I kept hoping the peak would suddenly emerge in front of us. Hiking with a group definitely helps though, everyone else’s energy carried me up.

The peak had some pretty amazing views. There was light cloud coverage which made us feel like we were floating in the air. Still, it wasn’t so cloudy that we did not have a view, we had great perspective of the entire valley below.

At the peak, we did my two favorite things to do on a mountain top; eat & sleep. After consuming all my snacks (and some of my husband’s) I laid back, covered my eyes and quickly drifted off for about 20 minutes. I woke up, snapped some photos and genuinely felt rejuvenated for the hike down.

Even though I fell twice on the hike down, it was a fairly painless, albeit, long decent. Talking, laughing and singing made the time go fast and the views were amazing. I am getting anxious about the upcoming peaks as they increase in difficulty and the temperatures begin to rise. We are going to try to finish them all by the September 30th deadline. It should be interesting and I will continue to share along the way!