Forgiveness has been one of the greatest roads placed in my path that I have at times been pushed down, ran away from and slowly found again, only to stumble along eventually making small steps forward. Forgiveness has been such a significant force and source of healing for the situations that have been placed in my life. I have to believe I was meant to learn so many lessons from the path put before me and I do believe I have been called to share those lessons with whoever is ready and in need of learning them.

I have been fortunate enough to have a mother who was insistent upon teaching me forgiveness. With the situations I faced with my dad (you can read more about there here and here) my mom was very aware that at times my heart was becoming very closed off to having a healthy relationship with him and at some points, I was ready to completing shut him out. My mom helped me through this process. She helped me to understand how important it was to forgive, and not for anyone else’s sake but my own. She taught me how to keep my heart open, but establish my boundaries, find my voice and demand respect. Not only did she teach me this, but she modeled it for me and I was able to witness her own transformation as she worked through her own process of forgiveness and assertiveness.

I found that my work with forgiveness played itself out on my yoga mat. Especially after my dad’s murder, my yoga mat became my life raft to work through everything that came up from his loss. In yoga classes, we often hear and as a teacher I often instruct my students, to “LET IT GO.” That IT can be interpreted so many different ways, but I think many times it arises as anger, resentment and unforgiveness. Once it is identified, our breath practices and yoga poses can help, but then what? I know I have been on the student end of hearing “JUST LET IT GO” and wanted to scream back “BUT HOW?!!!”

There is not an easy answer to that. There is real work behind it. There are moments of discomfort, release and letting down big walls we have built for protection. Forgiveness does not excuse someone else’s bad behavior or even mean that we must reconcile with a betrayer (although we could, if it’s done with healthy boundaries). Forgiveness is truly for yourself to release from the betrayal and anger. Forgiving can improve both our mental and physical health and give us a sense of lightness in heart and spirit.

I am incredibly honored and excited to be co-hosting this upcoming workshop with Christa Wallis, LMFT at Inner Evolution Yoga. On Saturday, May 20th, from 1:00-3:00 PM, we invite you to explore the HOW to forgive with us. This workshop will be a starting point for you to begin your journey into forgiveness and healing. We will be sharing;

  • Practical, therapeutic techniques to begin the forgiveness process
  • Self-care mechanisms to utilize through healing
  • An integrative approach with the chakra system
  • Gentle yoga poses & breath practice to coincide with the process

This workshop will combine lecture, discussion and a gentle yoga practice accessible to ALL levels. Dress comfortable and bring anything you need to comfortable take notes.

You can register here or by calling 909.798.2244. Please contact me if you have any questions and I hope to help support you in this process, if you are ready. If this is calling to your heart, it’s not accident. We planned it with you in mind. <3