Last weekend, my friend and co-teacher Kristen & I hosted a Heart Opening & Intention Setting yoga workshop to join our students in uncovering their intentions for the new year, releasing what didn’t work in 2016 and sharing tips on how to truly embody those intentions.

We started with a heart opening flow to get into the body and release blockages. We focused on connecting with the heart chakra and also beginning to think about appropriate boundaries.

Next we formed a communal circle and begin responding to journaling prompts that led us to pinpoint what did not work in the previous year and what feelings and experiences we wanted to highlight within the year to come.

Once our intentions had been identified, Kristen then led us into some practical exercises on how to truly embody those intentions and make them into tangible experiences each day, week & month of the year. We ended the writing portion by writing cards to ourselves reminding us about our intentions that will be mailed out next month.

With tired heads and hands, we settled into a delicious restorative practice led by Kristen, aromatherapized by lavender and serenaded by Dj Taz Rashid. I can’t get enough of his Sacred Groove’s album for my own yin practice and classes.

The workshop was incredibly meaningful to me and I hope all the attendees got a lot out of it. Starting my days, months & years from a place of intention v. goal setting has been a major shift in the way I approach my work, relationships, yoga practice and self-care. My personal intention for the year is to embody the following words: Honesty, Value, Inspiration, Passion, Vibrancy & Alignment.

It was also incredible to talk about intentions at length with my pal Kristen & develop this workshop together. I am so passionate about living meaningfully and it was nice to incorporate that with a yoga practice and connect deeper with my friend and co-teacher to put forth a heartfelt offering to our community.

I would love to hear from you! What are your intentions for the year?