One of the most common questions I am asked is if my husband and step-son are also vegan. My husband is vegan and my step-son sort of is….he mostly eats vegan when he’s at home with us because that’s all we cook. When he is not with us, he does not always eat plant based but when he has the option the often chooses a meat-free one. He is one of the few people I have ever met who I think loves animals more than I do. I would love if he chose to be completely vegan, of course, but we do not force him, it’s a very personal decision. This is a glimpse into what we all eat in a typical day:

4 AM-Every morning I start with warm water, lemon and a capful of aloe vera to kick start digestion. I sip my water as my tea water boils. My current favorite morning tea is golden milk + lion’s mane with a splash of almond milk creamer.


I settled in for my morning meditation (I am currently working my way through Deepak & Oprah’s 21 day experience) then I sipped my tea while journaling.


5 AM-The boys begin to wake up. I peel myself away from my cozy corner and head to the kitchen to get meals ready for the day.

Mushroom coffee for my husband


Massive smoothies. I spent time over the weekend making “smoothie packs” that could more easily be dumped into the blender in the morning. Each pack contained; Vega protein powder, flax seed meal, chaga, and maca root. I also added in; frozen strawberries, spinach, cocoa powder and water.

Next I prepared my chickpea omelette. This my newest food obsession. I made a huge batch of chickpea batter over the weekend (chickpea flour + water + a drizzle of olive oil + ground sage + thyme + salt + pepper) and poured some in a pan with olive oil. I addd in diced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach and a slice gouda Follow Your Heart vegan cheese.


Then I started packing up all the lunches for the day.

Left: husband’s food-smoothie, mix of cashews + almonds + banana nut dates + grapes + blackberries & sweet potatoes + tempeh bacon + hemp seeds and a tahini dressing.

Center: Dylan’s food: baby carrots, Toona sandwich, cashews + almonds + grapes + banana nut dates & Zevia soda.

Right: my food for the day (more details below).

By 5:30, the kitchen is a huge mess, but my husband is done showering and dressing. He comes to clean the never ending dishes and crumbs I have created, while I dress and pack for the gym.

5:45-I kiss the boys and dogs good-bye, stumble out of the house with my work bag, lunch bag & gym bag and head off to the gym. I arrive with the sun and squat + lunge my heart out.

By 7:15, I am showered and ready for my morning commute. I am also HANGRY and down my smoothie during my drive. I have a busy morning and around 9:30, I finally settle in to catch up on emails and chow down on my chickpea omelette.


12:30-I eat my salad filled with mixed greens, hemp tofu, hemp seeds, nutritional yeast and tahini dressing.


2:30-Frozen yogurt. I bought some coconut yogurt and blended it up with frozen mixed berries & chia seeds and topped with cocoa nibs. I threw the mix in the freezer at work because it was 90 degrees. In November. Oh, California.


At 3:30, I am out of work and I drive to pick Dylan up from school. Were home about 4:15 and I serve up tempeh bacon, vegan gouda cheese and seaweed for his homework time snack.


While he is doing homework, I start more mess making. I didn’t get the chance to juice over the weekend, and I like to have a few fresh juices throughout the week. I made a huge batch of kale + celery + parsley + cucumber + ginger juices to last the next few days.


My husband coaches tennis after his school lets out so he’s home around 5:00 and starts cleaning up the juicing mess while I start dinner. I had already made a batch of quinoa over the weekend. I heated some black + pinto beans and mixed in the quinoa with cumin & garlic salt. I also made a quick guacamole and served it all over a bed of spinach. I love making mocktails for dinner, this one was cranberry juice + La Croix coconut soda + lemon & ginger oils. The picture on the right is the delicious mess mixed up with nutritional yeast and tons of hot sauce.


We finally have time to all sit and talk. This is my favorite time of the day to connect with my family and slow down from the busyness of the day.

Tea is pretty ritualistic for us and even though the weather is not cooperating, we still like that cozy feeling at night. We drank mushroom hot cocoa with almond milk creamer. I sipped my cocoa while doing about 45 minutes of slow, relaxing yin yoga while we vegged out and watched Netflix.


By 7:45, I was feeling pretty sleepy and headed to bed. I generally read for 30-40 minutes and was asleep by 8:30.

That’s a little glimpse into a typical day of food for my family. I prep quite a few things over the weekend to try to make things go as smooth as possible during our busy weeks. It’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s inconvenient and exhausting to cook all our meals and wash dishes constantly. I can honestly see the appeal sometimes, of eating out more often or buying pre-packaged items, buuuuuut, eating ethically and nutritionally is a huge value of our family and something that is worth the extra time and effort.