I am super psyched to show you all my new blog design!

I hope you take a minute to look around and browse the updated sections (About, Why Veganism, Yoga, Chakras & Travel). I hope the Blog section is much more user friendly now and organized so you can more easily find specific posts through the categories and tags.

I also added in a newsletter option. I know personally I have found it difficult to follow my favorite blogs with the death of Google Reader (RIP). I try to keep up through Bloglovin’, but have found sites that offer newsletters with updates to be valuable so I can continue reading along. If you are interested in receiving newsletters from me containing links to new posts, information on classes I may be teaching or subbing and/or information on upcoming workshops, please sign up below.

Cultivating a community and continuing to blog is incredibly important to me. I have found so much support, information and even true friendships over the years from blog readers and blogs that I follow. I want to thank-you so much for reading, contributing and being on this journey with me. <3