I have heard about Cryotherapy from one of my most trusted guru’s Russell Simmons. Russell is a straight talking, love spreading vegan and yogi who bowed his head to me once at Venice Beach while I starred at him open mouth, with my hands pressed to my heart to symbolize Namaste. He frequently posts about his cryotherapy sessions on his instagram account and I have been curious about it’s benefits.

I heard about a cryotherapy location opening up locally and finally made my way to CryoFix Wellness, located in Riverside, to try it out.

I had been battling a two day migraine when I arrived (which is a whooooole other post in itself. UGH.) and was hoping this could possibly help. I had already seen my chiropractor, had a massage, applied so much peppermint oil to my head to smell up the whole school I work at and even drank a rare iced coffee chased with an even rarer Aleve. I was desperate for relief.

So what is cryotherapy? Essentially, it’s entering a cold chamber that drastically lowers your body temperature. It’s the same concept as applying ice to sore muscles or joints. The cold aids in healing by reducing inflammation and releasing new oxygen into the blood supply.

When I arrived, Vanessa, the owner, gave me a thorough explanation of what to expect and walked me through the procedure. I changed into a robe and was given socks and gloves.

hiiiiii  Vanessa helped me into the chamber and when it was closed, I removed my robe and she started the treatment. The session only lasts 3 minutes, at the most and I hung in for the recommended first timers time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds.


It was….cold. I am not a fan of being cold by any means. I love hot yoga, hotter showers and scalding hot drinks. To be blasted by cold air was uncomfortable, but Vanessa cranked up Justin Timberlake and talked to me the whole time. I was able to dance around and the time went quickly.

Immediately after the session, my left knee felt much better, even though I did not realize before that it was hurting.

As for my migraine…it did not immediately disappear, but I started feeling relief. As I was driving to CryoFix after work, I was feeling so sleepy and in need of laying in the dark. I still had a yoga class to teach in the evening, so this was not an option. After the session, I felt much more renewed and energetic. The strain around my eyes begin to recede and I taught my class with little discomfort, just tightness in my neck and shoulders.

The next morning when I woke, my migraine was FINALLY gone! Vanessa was kind enough to send an email checking in on how I was feeling and how I liked the session.

I will definitely be back to CryoFix Wellness. I can definitely use the benefits of inflammation reducing after a hike, run or just for overall wellness.

If you are in Southern California, I hope you make a trip out to CryoFix Wellness.

If Russell Simmons does it, you should too.