I am a big believer in the concept of treat yo self. I probably take it a little too far, in fact.

I am in a constant battle to break my emotional attachment to food and not run to my favorite snacks when I have had a bad day or feel I should be rewarded for a morning workout. It’s hard.

The biggest treat I have been working to reframe is my relationship with alcohol. At the end of a long week, I thoroughly enjoy a cold glass of whiskey and sitting with my husband for hours and talking, connecting and venting about life. It’s a wonderful ritual, but it’s losing it’s luster. It leads to eating poorly and low energy that cause me to ignore all the plans I had for the weekend and cycle through a burrito eating and napping marathon.


If this were occurring just here and there, it wouldn’t be a problem, but I felt it was becoming more of a habit than I cared for, so I completely cut out alcohol for the whole month of August.

I also worked on establishing some better habits and embodying the word NOURISH as opposed to TREAT.

Here is how I have been NOURISHING myself:

I finally scheduled consistent bi-weekly chiropractic appointments for adjustments and treatment, instead of waiting for a blinding migraine to force me to stumble in to the office. I tell my yoga students constantly how important it is to take care of their spines and here I am, with a slight case of scoliosis and full health insurance, only seeing my chiropractor when it’s an emergency. I finally got more proactive and feel better with more consistent adjustments.


On days I do not go to the gym or yoga in the morning, I have been giving myself extra time in my routine to eat breakfast at home instead of shoveling food in my mouth at my desk while reading emails.

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I purchased a simple alarm clock and have kicked my cell phone out of my bedroom. I fall asleep much easier and quicker and am not tempted to check my phone if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night. It also prevents me from checking my phone first thing in the morning, before I even take a breath or meditate. This has been a complete game changer in the creation noise in my head. I feel like I start and end the day more connected to myself.

I have been stepping out of my quiet, agreeable comfort zone more and more and working my throat chakra through more assertiveness and Spanish speaking. This one is SO hard, but so important for me. I keep telling myself that although it may be uncomfortable in that moment, it leads to me feeling far less frustrated with the things I did not say or ask for. An amazing thing has been happening, it turns out when I actually work up the nerve to ask for what I want, I usually get it. The universe has my back, in that way.

I have been meal prepping like a champ lately and I freely admit, I truly do not love this. It’s a pretty big weekend chore that takes up about 2-3 hours of my Sundays. My kitchen is the hottest room of my house and standing in it during August over a hot stove is less than ideal. But, it certainly makes the weekdays run smoother and ensures were eating healthy, nourishing meals instead of eating out.


I hope to keep this momentum on NOURISHMENT going through the month of September. I have invested in myself by enrolling in Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy You cleanse and Rock Your Bliss’ Seven Weeks to Bliss to create space and value myself.

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My focus on nourishment does not mean a treat won’t be warranted every once in a while and that I won’t be caught with a whiskey neat in one hand and bean, rice and guacamole burrito in the other, at some point, but my intention, my value, my time is being placed more on treating my body, mind and soul with NOURISHMENT.

I would love to hear from YOU. How do you NOURISH yourself?