I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Infinity Jars to review some products of my choice. I browsed their website and was impressed by the wide selection of glass jars. They carry an array of air tight jars ranging from glass screw top jars to oil dispensing bottles. Infinity Jars uses ultraviolet light filtering technology to keep the jars air tight and the ingredients protected.


Infinity Jars sent me the glass roller applicator,  push pump and spray bottle.

The previous glass roller applicators I had I ordered off of Amazon. They are OK, but do not travel well. They leak slightly or seem to sweat in the heat. It’s not a surprise for me to unpack after a trip and find my whole bag smells like my lavender, peppermint blend. Not a horrible thing, but it can leave some of my items greasy.

In the glass applicator, I made a focus blend by adding in 20 drops of doTerra’s Serentity blend and 15 drops of Frankincense (I filled the rest of the bottle with fractioned coconut oil). This blend brings a calming energy to my work day, while still allowing my intuition to stay in tact, not getting too drowsy.

These bottles certainly block out the light! My only complaint is that it was hard to create this blend because I could not see how much liquid was in the bottle and how much more coconut oil was needed.

However, I was very happy with the roller applicator. I have kept it in my purse all week, and even in Southern California’s 100 degree plus weather, it did not leak or leave a greasy residue.

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For the push pump, I wanted to make my own hand sanitizer. I mixed aloe vera gel with 25 drops of doTerra’s OnGuard blend and only 5 drops of fractioned coconut oil. It was very important to me that this blend was not drying, as most hand sanitizers tend to be, but also not at all greasy so I can easily use it at work and not leave oil marks all over my desk or papers.

This blend took some time to make because the aloe vera gel kept congealing at the lid. I had to add in the gel, then stir it with the pump, add a tiny bit of water, stir and repeat.

With some patience, I filled up the bottle, pumped a few times and out came the new, non-drying, alcohol-free sanitizer. I absolutely loved it and will continue to use it through the germ-filled school year.

The pump works perfectly and is compact enough to fit in my purse.

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In the spray bottle, I made a deodorizing blend to replace Lysol. We used to use Lysol on our couches and on other fabrics/linens around the house about once per week. I wanted a chemical free version, so I added 15 drops each of melaleuca, lavender and eucalyptus. I filled the rest of the bottle up with filtered water and right away begin sanitizing. The spray bottle worked perfectly and the blend smelled fresh and clean.


It even works on smelly middle schoolers! Does anyone else spray their children with freshener or is that just me?

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I was very pleased with the Infinity Jar products and will now use them, especially for my roller applicators, which I used to order a few times per year through Amazon.

The products featured in this post were provided by a representative of Infinity Jars. However, the reviews are 100% honest and completely my own.