Last weekend, I had the extreme pleasure of hosting an Intro to the Chakras workshop at Inner Evolution Yoga. 


I was truly surprised to have such a large showing. When I initially thought about creating a workshop on the chakras, I was unsure if anyone was going to be interested in a such an abstract concept that was not as asana based. It turns out there was quite a few people interested and we had a beautiful discussion.


I prepared handouts and we discussed; the characteristics of each chakra, the characteristics of a balanced chakra, issues that may arise if a chakra is either deficient or excessive in it’s energy, physical characteristics of each chakra, healing practices to balance out each chakra and yoga poses that correlate to each one. 


I also discussed the essential oils and healing stones I associate with each chakra. Every attendee was able to take a stone with them, to remind them of their chakra journey.

IMG_5115I love the workshop setting because I get to have such a more personal interaction with my students and engage in discussion with them about the material being covered. I cherish the opportunity to hear part of someone’s story and hopefully answer questions, or do my small part to support along the way.

The discussion portion of the workshop lasted two hours, then we transitioned to a one hour beginners level chakra balancing yoga class. We did a few poses for each of the chakras that we had discussed earlier in the workshop.

IMG_5159 I could literally talk about the chakras all day and I feel so privileged that others joined me in sharing and exploring. I was very honored that some attendees drove a far distance to attend, and others friends that I had not seen in a while also showed up to connect, support and learn. (You can read a very sweet recap written by homie Brenna, by clicking here.)

I feel pretty fortunate that Inner Evolution Yoga allowed me the space, time and encouragement to turn this passion into a feasible teaching moment. I feel myself supported in my evolution as both a teacher and student.

IMG_5138 Thank-you to all the attendees! I truly hope you got something positive out of the workshop and feel equipped to begin a journey through your own rainbow bridge.

Soooo….I already want to host another one! Would you be interested in attending an Intro to the Chakras workshop? Please let me know and based off interest, I will plan more!