I generally do these What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) posts to show what a vegan eats on a typical, busy day. I thought I would also show what a vegan eats on a non-typical day, one where there is no meal plan or food prepped, no schedule or obligations. This is what my leisurely Sunday looked like:

7:00-I slept in! This is rare, but considering I went to sleep a little after midnight, it was much needed! I went to see Iyanla Vanzant speak at Agape International Spiritual Center the night before and did not come home till just after 11:00 PM.

I started my day with warm water, lemon and aloe juice. I try to follow (some) Ayurvedic principles and be in tune with my digestion. If I need a little more heat, I drink apple cider vinegar instead of aloe, if I need soothing and cooling, I choose aloe. I ate a bean burrito after 11 PM the night before so soothing and cooling made more sense.


It was an absolutely beautiful morning. I settled in to meditate with my front door open.

I then served up some chai tea and dove in to some forgiveness work.

chai It was a nice, relaxed morning. I was not on a schedule. I read, sipped, wrote and wrote, stared out the front door and fell deep into thought. Once my husband and step-son woke up, there was more chai, more relaxing and talk of upcoming travels.

10:00-My stomach was not entirely forgiving of the late night burrito. I drank a ginger kombucha as we prepared for our morning hike.

kombucha We headed to the hills just 2 miles away from our house, behind our local university. The day was clear and warm. It felt amazing to be outdoors and connected with both nature and my family. We did 4 miles through the hills and took in the scenery.

hike hike

1:00-When we returned home, I was finally hungry. My husband made us some delicious soyrizo, potato and veggie tacos. I ate four and had no regrets.

soyrizo Even though there was laundry to put away and food to be prepped for the week, we decided to be lazy. We laid around and re-watched multiple episodes of Game of Thrones while dozing off here and there.

GOT I finally got off the couch around 5 PM and decided to be productive. We put away laundry and then I headed to the kitchen. I marinated and baked two blocks of tofu to be ready to throw over salads or mixed with veggies throughout the week. I also prepped some lentils, made a tahini garlic dressing and experimented with my first batch of kale chips.

7:00-Someone who is not me was craving sweets and went to our local health food store for vegan ice cream and root beer to make floats. I was not interested, but was pretty excited to be surprised with my favorite vegan cookies. I may or may not have eaten this entire box. Dinner was a wonderful balance of kale chips with tahini garlic sauce and banana chocolate chip cookies.

kale chips cookies

The kale chips were not bad for my first batch, but I still want to experiment with different seasonings. I added paprika, garlic salt, sea salt and nutritional yeast to this batch.

After eating, I lazily read through blogs on the couch, then headed to bed to read before falling asleep.

My eating was pretty unbalanced, off schedule and not as nutrient dense as I would have liked. This was definitely a lazy, atypical day and so very needed.