Last week was humbling.

I was sicker that I have ever been before. I have a pretty strong immune system and like to think I live a healthy lifestyle. On most days, if I am not on my yoga mat, I am outside walking a poorly behaved dog or at the gym. I eat or blend my kale daily and douse myself with more essential oils than necessary. I sage, I meditate, I drink lemon water first thing in the morning and try to practice gratitude daily.

None of this saved me from a horrendous plague that seems to be making the rounds. I was out for a solid week. The first two days, I barely left bed. I had an on and off fever, chills then sweats, I hallucinated a whole concept for a book I was sure I was going to write on the art of brunch (every time I passed out I dreamed up another chapter) and I remembered passages I had read of how people felt coming off heroin and wondered how I got dope sick, without the dope.


Once my fever broke, something landed in my chest and sat there, very heavily. I am pretty sure I had internet diagnosed bronchitis and I dealt with non-stop coughing and little sleep for the next few days.

This sickness came at the best/worst time. My school district gives us a “President’s Week” and I was off the entire time. I technically missed no work and was able to save any sick days.

I also had tons of plans and to-do lists that all went unaccomplished.

The weather was absolutely amazing and instead of hiking, or taking a trip to the beach, I laid in bed and felt sorry for myself.

Oh, what a bad attitude I stirred up and I had to journal my way out of it.

Once I started seeing the positive and taking my control back, my health begin improving. I returned to gratitude. I ate cloves of garlic. I felt a renewed sense of appreciate for my health. I sipped turmeric + almond milk concotions multiple times each day. I reflected on how many challenges people who are not me face daily with chronic pain and disease. I chugged fresh orange juice. I stopped complaining. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I napped, so much. I realized I do too much. I create too much busyness and needed to slow the eff down. I sat on my porch, in the beautiful sun, for hours. I realized I still need to work on “just being.” I ran my diffuser with eucalyptus oil, non-stop. I read two books. I took a bath.

I feel grateful for the experience. It gave me a whole new appreciation for my health and helped me realize how much I take it for granted that I easily rise and go throughout my day with little pain or health concerns. I have strength and full access to all my senses, organs, muscles, joints and limbs.

And that is pretty amazing.