I have successfully completed another round of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. I did 21 days free of alcohol, sugar, gluten and animal products. I did some form of exercise every day for a minimum of thirty minutes, even if it was only walking my dogs. I tried to get enough sleep every night (this was harder to accomplish) and I meditated nearly every morning (I work up late a few times and had to skip).


I feel amazing.

Here are some of my results and thoughts:

  • I lost 5 pounds.
  • After the first 4-5 days, my cravings for processed, fatty foods decreased significantly and it was not too hard to maintain the diet.
  • I truly confronted that food and alcohol are my ultimate coping mechanisms and without the ones I rely on, I had to cope in other ways when I felt overwhelmed, stressed or emotional. I found myself taking more walks than before and did SO much journaling during the past 21 days.
  • My mind feels incredibly clear. I did not realize how many of my thoughts are occupied by food and what I will be eating next. Also, when eating cleaner foods and not having alcohol, I was able to digest much faster and that helped me feel lighter and think clearer.
  • I have felt much more in touch with my creative energy and it has been flowing at a fast rate. I have been writing everyday. I feel like my blog posts have been more intentional, the yoga classes I have taught have been more fluid and purposeful. I feel much more present at work and at home.
  • I have noticed a huge increase in my sustainable energy throughout the day. I was experiencing pretty severe afternoon crashes before, to the point where I would almost feel I would fall asleep while driving home from work at 3:30 PM (!!!). I was previously attributing that to how early I woke up or because I did a morning workout, but I think I definitely had more to do with what I was eating.
  • I did not feel completely wiped out by Friday afternoon. There have been many a Friday evenings were I felt so worn out, I was already in bed by 7:00 PM. It was not uncommon for Friday afternoons to go out for an early dinner, eat too much and have a glass of wine, then come home and completely crash. Last Friday evening, I even met up with my sister and brother in law to play soccer after work! My energy was high and it felt great to run around the soccer field again.
  • I actually look forward to workouts as opposed to dreading them. I have slowly noticed myself increasing the intensity each time and thinking of ways to keep up the momentum.
  • My skin looks much clearer and brighter.
  • My digestion has significantly improved.

Yes, it was hard to prep nearly every single meal, not eat out as much and abstain from alcohol (particularly on the weekends). But, how good I felt was motivation enough to keep the momentum going. At this point, I feel it is more difficult to feel sluggish, worn down and irritable. I am addicted to the clarity of mind and sound body.

I really hope I can maintain this and not slip back into my old patterns. One of my intentions for the year is to continue to make choices to feel VIBRANTLY HEALTHY.

How are your 2016 intentions going?