In Kris Carr’s new book Crazy Sexy Juice, she includes a 3 Day cleanse that incorporates juices, smoothies and light, fresh snacking. This cleanse is pretty accessible and a very good place to start if you have never attempted a cleanse before. In these 3 days, you pack in vital nutrients from juicing and take a break from alcohol, stimulants (i.e.-coffee), animal products and processed foods.

3 day cleanseKris lays out exactly what to eat/drink and when throughout the day. All recipes are provided in the book. I tried to follow the plan as close as I could. The one thing I did skip was the midday smoothie, usually recommended at 1 PM. While I can see how this can be more sustainable and filling at “lunch time” it just was not possible to blend up a smoothie at work. I am also not crazy about pre-prepared smoothies that have been sitting for awhile. Juices are easier to prep and pack, so I just had another juice at that time of day.

meal prep

The biggest piece of advice I can give about this cleanse is to prep ahead of time! I took about two hours out of my Sunday to prep fruits and veggies to be ready to be juiced throughout the week. I juiced the night before to prep for the next day. I also made the cashew chai milk, herbed lentils, lemon quinoa, zucchini hummus, cashew cheese and raw marinara sauce. None of these things were too difficult to make, but most of the dishes did require either a food processor or blender. I felt like I was continually washing both appliances and preparing them for their next use. I would definitely make these items ahead of time, if you have a busy schedule.

Day 1 started with lemon, water and a capful of aloe juice, like I start nearly everyday. I sipped mint tea until I truly felt hungry and drank the Classic Green Lemonade around 9:00 AM. I have had this juice many times and love it’s fresh flavor. The greens are not overpowering and there is a nice kick from the lemon.

green lemonade Around 12:00, I had my second juice, the Tummy Tamer. The additional of fennel in the juice helps to tame inflammation in the digestive system. I find fennel is something that people either love or hate. It has a “black licorice” kick, or as my husband would describe “tar taste.” He is definitely on the “hate” side of fennel, so I kept it out of his juice and made sure to put a super fun tag on mine. I loved this juice and it definitely helped with some slight acid reflux I was dealing with from the previous weekend’s indulgences.

tummy tamer

At 3:00, I sipped the Blueberry Lemonade so quickly that I forgot to take a picture. It was fresh and delicious, a little sweeter and reminded me of pie.

At 5:00. I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class. Although I felt some hunger about halfway through, I felt incredibly energized and light!

After coming home and showering, I sat down for dinner. My stomach was now rumbling and I was more than ready for solid food. This truly helped me mentally and this meal of zoodles (julienned zucchini) lightly sautéed in olive oil and topped with the raw marinara and cashew cheese was incredibly satisfying. I am so glad the sauces were prepped ahead of time. I was pretty ravenous and would have had little patience to prep a meal. It would have definitely tempted me to stop somewhere after yoga and forget the whole cleanse. Mmmmmm…zoodles! Messy, but delicious!

 After the zoodles, I warmed up the chai cashew milk and settled in to my blanket. My husband and I usually drink tea at night, while we sit and connect about our day. The chai was so creamy and flavorful. I added extra ginger because we both love the flavor, spice and digestive aid.

cashew chai

Day 2 started similarly with lemon water + aloe and herb tea till I was hungry. It was around 9:00 AM again before I reached for the first juice.

Day 2 I stared the day off with the Rise ‘n’ Shine. It was a wonderful citrus combination that just made me feel happy!

Around 11:00 I started sipping on Green Me Up. This one was more intense with the green flavor, but the pineapple adds sweetness.

At 1:00, I needed a snack. I packed celery sticks and zucchini hummus topped with paprika. It was nice to chomp on some solid food and it helped hold back the hangry that was creeping in. I was definitely starting to feel a slight headache coming on and slight fatigue. I recognized these symptoms as detoxing and know they are pretty common on the second day.

Around 4:00, I sipped on the last juice, while driving to the gym.

I did some intense circuit training + a 2 mile run on the treadmill. I was pretty hungry when I came home and so thankful for the prepped herbed lentils + lemon quinoa. I topped it off with some cashew cheese and shoveled it in my mouth.

lentils + quinoa The next morning I woke up pretty easily and felt the amazing energy that sets in at the end of the cleanse. I felt light and free.

I started the day off with the usual lemon-aloe water and tea till I was hungry around 9:00. The first juice of the day was Pucker Up. This was super tangy, but I loved it. I can give you a puckering sensation, but I love the turmeric and ginger spice.

Around 11:00, I drank down Garden in Glass. This was a much more savory juice and had more of a meal like quality to it.


At 1:00, I was really in need of a snack. I came prepared with half an avocado with lemon juice on top and a handful of almonds.


Around 4:00, I sipped this beet base juice, on my way to yoga.

beet Dinner was one again zoodles and chai milk.

Overall, I found this to be a pretty easy to follow cleanse. The hardest part was the prep work for all the ingredients, but setting aside some time on the weekend to prepare made a huge difference. The mental part of juice cleansing is by far the most difficult aspect, having access to light snacks helped me make it across those mental barriers. It also made it easier to continue my workouts, knowing I would be able to re-fuel from them properly.

I would recommend this cleanse for anyone who is wanting to kick start a healthy diet (maybe the 21 Day Adventure cleanse) or simply detox from too much indulging. “Cleansing” can be very intimidating, but I think Kris Carr’s plan eases you into the process while still flooding the body with delicious, alkalizing nutrients.

I would love to do this cleanse again! Anyone want to join me? 

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