This past weekend my trainer from the gym invited me to hike with her and a group up Mt. Baldy. I told her I would think about it….I was first going to say no. I had “too much to do.” I was busy all day Sunday and should really take Saturday to “rest.”

I am glad I remembered how restorative nature is for my soul. I am thankful I reminded myself that being outdoors has the same healing power on my heart as hours of introspection. I am grateful she invited me and proud I said yes.

Mt Baldy trail There are a few different ways to summit Mt Baldy and we did an 11 mile loop. The trail was steep and difficult, but lovely and rewarding. As always, the views are what made it worth it:

mt baldy mt baldy

It was an exceptionally clear day and I marveled at what a cool place Southern California truly is. From the top of Mt Baldy, you can see vast desert on one side and lush forest to the other. The views were so clear that even the ocean was visible in the distance.

summit summit LOVE LOVE LOVE

Being on top of a mountain always shifts my perspective slightly. I remember how small I am in comparison to the vast world. It helps me get outside of myself and my own mangled head and reminds that I am apart of an amazing universe filled with beauty, love and light.