I am totally late to the overnight oats sensation. I have seen them featured on Pinterest and blogs, but never tried them myself till recently.

I have no idea why I waited so long.

I am a huge fan of prepping my meals ahead of time. Breakfast is the one I have the hardest time with, especially a breakfast packed with protein. I usually opted for a juice or smoothie but was always in search of something with more staying power. I avoided anything that added extra time or dishes in the morning and at my best, maybe whipped up some avocado toast before dashing out the door.

I came across this overnight oats recipe recently from The Healthy Passport and was intrigued since it included protein powder. I liked that I could literally throw all the ingredients in a jar the night before, grab it from the fridge in the morning, give it a good shake and eat it on the go.

I followed the recipe linked above, omitting honey (I add agave to my husband and step-son’s oats) and the cacoa nibs (only because I did not have any). I have been adding in blueberries, strawberries or figs before stirring it all up.

overnight oats

The result is a delicious, gooey mess. It tastes more like a dessert than a healthy breakfast. I love the peanut butter + cocoa powder + vanilla protein powder combination. I love that packs in 32 grams of protein first thing in the morning. I love that my step-son thinks it “tastes like ice cream” and eats it up enthusiastically.

You can totally tweak around the ingredients for combinations you like best. I would love to hear more suggestions about which ingredients to add!

Have you ever tried overnight oats?