This past weekend I visited Salt Oasis in Southern California.

Salt Oasis is a relaxation and wellness facility  that is, well, full of salt. Himalayan salt, to be exact, which boasts to contain over 40 minerals and healing powers. Have you ever seen those salt rocks or lamps? Salt Oasis has rooms, or caves full of this type of salt and a treatment includes spending time breathing, relaxing, sleeping and letting the salt do it’s magic on your cells, re-charging ions.

As soon as I walked in, I could feel something…different. There was definitely a noticeable energy shift. It felt positive and relaxing. The facility is beautiful and the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

salt oasis salt oasis

I went with my sisters. We were taken into the salt cave and encouraged to nap, relax, breathe and enjoy. I could not argue with any of this! Comfortable blankets were provided, as were anti-gravity chairs. You would think that lying down on a bed of salts would be painful, but it was pleasantly relaxing. The chairs were extremely comfy and I felt myself drift off in no time.

Mar salt room

I felt deep, heavy relaxation while in the cave and that feeling lasted throughout the rest of the day. I dug my hands and feet deep into the salt and did some gentle yoga before drifting off to sleep.

salt cave salt cave

My sister, who suffers from sinus issues, said she felt her nose clear up and mentioned to me in the evening that her ears had not popped all day, when this is normally an often occurrence.

Salt Oasis also offers gentle breathing and stretching sessions, massages and reiki. I definitely want to go back to take advantage of all the healing power.