I am working on increasing my protein and being more mindful of how many carbohydrates I eat. I am trying to shed a few too-many-beers-and-french-fry-pounds (I know someone out there has to understand this conundrum) after exploring the touchy subject of veganism and protein intake.

I have been doing….OK. Somedays are pretty strong, I make it to the gym and have my protein smoothies. Somedays,…well, tacos and beer still call my name and for some reason, I answer. It’s a day by day thing.

Last Wednesday, I was pretty proud of my choices and thought I would share them this week. I knew it was going to be a long day, I ended up working from about 6:30-5:30, so I made sure to bring extra fuel.


On my drive in to work, I sipped my smoothie made from Vega Sport protein powder (25 grams of protein per scoop!) blended with spinach, raw cocoa powder (it adds sweetness with no added sugar) and flax seed meal.

17191111296_6e8ef42e47_o 16685051343_442886613d_o

For breakfast, I had a delicious tofu + soyrizo scramble with mushrooms, onion and spinach mixed in. I have been making a huge batch of this at the beginning of the week and portioning it off for breakfasts. I love savory breakfast and this one packs in 23 grams of protein, which keeps me full all morning.

17030901229_7916919a58_o 17215362442_474849737d_o17117546638_4c627ccedd_oMid-morning I had a quick snack of a few sticks of celery with PB.

17097867717_89490087bd_o Lunch was an easy stir-fry I whipped up the night before, minus the rice. Trader Joe’s had some awesome pre-sliced stir fry veggies that I sautéed with diced tofu, Bragg’s aminos, sesame oil, turmeric and ginger.

17279354176_2082fd2099_o 17117767120_1188eedce9_o

By mid-afternoon, I felt fatigued and for me, tiredness = hungriness. Does anyone else feel me on this? It’s no secret I eat for comfort so when I am feeling lethargic, I seem to think food will help. Luckily, this day I was prepared. I had a Primal strip (vegan jerky made from seitan) and a serving of almonds.

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After work, I still had a few errands to run and I was HANGRY by the time I got home. In my hungriness, I dropped my bag on the counter of my kitchen and broke my smoothie mason jar. HUGE mess and tons of glass, everywhere!

This is normally the exact excuse I need to treat myself out to dinner with a glass of wine.

But,…I didn’t.

I was craving pasta this evening and luckily, had picked up these tofu shirataki noodles to try. Have you ever seen these? They are…interesting. They boast of only containing 20 calories and 3 grams of carbs per serving. They do not taste like much of anything, so there was no fooling me into thinking I was having pasta, but it did satisfy the craving well enough. I made a quick “cheese” sauce out of coconut milk, Chinese hot mustard and dashes of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, nutritional yeast, veggie parm and garlic salt.


I served up the noodles + sauce with a huge serving of lentils to still get some protein into the meal.

16685049223_4ddf7b3cd3_o Although I did not fit any physical exercise into this day, I was still proud of my results. Although I ate more fat than MyFitnessPal cares for, I kept it at 76 grams of carbohydrates and 84 grams of protein.


I was proud of myself for not reaching for food when I felt tired and overwhelmed. Wednesday was a good day.

We won’t talk about this weekend. Let’s just say Cheezy Pizza and Gracias Madre were involved.

cheezy pizzagracias madre

I regret nothing.