I am SO excited that The Book Chat hosted by Jessica at The Tangerine has returned! The Book Chat is a weekly link up and opportunity to talk about all things book related.


This week’s topic is in honor of Jessica’s birthday! She is asking for the gift a book recommendation (and really, what greater gift is there?!) and I think I have the perfect one.

As you know, I am on a huge Michelle Moran kick right now. (You can read my review of The Second Empress here and Nefertiti here.) The very first Moran book I read is the one I would like to recommend for Jessica; Madame Tussaud: A Novel of the French Revolution.

madame tussaud

This is still my favorite of Moran’s books and I think it is because I love this period in history, so much! Madame Tussaud tells the story of the start of The French Revolution, told from the perspective of the famous sculptor, Madame Tussaud. Madame Tussaud’s family is from the working class, however, she is commissioned to sculpt members of the royal family. As she begins to get to know the royal family, she feels conflicted about the budding revolution and how it will affect all people that she cares about.

I truly got another perspective about the royal family, in particular Marie Antoinette. Although I still did not completely sympathize with them, Moran gives insight about how clueless they were about some aspects of the revolution.

I think Jessica will like this book because she traveled to Paris last year and seemed to enjoy the historical and artistic aspects of the city. When I visited Paris, this book came to mind over and over again as I saw some of the historical sites associated with the revolution.

Happy Birthday, Jessica! I hope you have the opportunity to read Madame Tussaud and love it as much as I did!