My yoga has been transforming. My ideas about yoga have been moving closer in line with my morals, passions and career goals. I have been discovering more and more what yoga means to me and what type of teacher I will strive to become.

Yoga has become so much less about being able to do the perfect handstand, learn all the facets of anatomy or being able to put my leg behind my head. I believe all those things have a place in the yoga world and are important, to an extent, but I am finding for myself, that’s not what I am working towards. I have really been exploring what yoga means to me and what my view of it truly is.

Yoga has been a huge source of healing for me. My work as a counselor is about healing and I am finding I want to bring the two worlds together.

My friend Caiti & I have started Empower Yoga.

Caiti & I did our teacher training together in 2013. We have grown together as friends and teachers. We have shared many heart-felt conversations that led us to make the decision to start Empower Yoga, as a way to bring  yoga to our community of San Bernardino County.

Caiti attended the UpRising Yoga trauma informed training with me and we could not shut up the 90 minute car drive to and from the training. We realized we shared so many of the same ideas, goals and wishes for our community. Caiti has already done some volunteering with victims of human trafficking and gave me some great information about an important topic I knew so little about.

UpRising Yoga is an amazing organization that I would love to be apart of and they have been extremely supportive as we have started this process. However, they service Los Angeles county and Caiti & I felt there was an extreme need in our own community, with the kids we already work with, in the cities we currently live in and have grown up in.

Together we have made some contacts and hope to soon start providing yoga to victims of human trafficking and detained youth either in juvenile hall or group homes. I am attending a volunteer orientation this week with the county and although I know this can take some time, I want to be prepared.

In all of our excitement, our knowledge of teaching yoga and our experience with working with kids who face unique challenges (Caiti’s background is in Speech Therapy for students in Special Education) we still recognize that we really do not know what we are doing.

I have tons of doubts about my abilities, fears of the unknown and anxieties about adding another thing to my already full life. However, we both have recognized that this is a mission of the heart and that something that we cannot ignore.

We are asking for help through support, positive vibes, prayers, words of advice and most immediately, MATS.

We will need to provide for mats for our classes and are asking for donations of gently used mats or monetary donations to purchase mats. Our goal is to obtain 20 mats and we are willing to drive around to collect any you would be willing to donate. If you live too far, or do not have a mat to donate, but would still like to help, we will accept money, too 🙂

We have started a GoFund Me page, if you would like to donate, please click here.

If you cannot donate a mat or money at this time, we will still accept all your love and support.

Thank-you for hearing out my heart and supporting Empower Yoga.