Too much time has passed and I have not shared about my UpRising Yoga trauma informed training weekend.

uprising yoga

I do not know where to even start with describing the training from UpRising Yoga.

A few words that immediately come to my mind: Heartful. Passionate. Motivating. Inspiring. Soulful. Informative. I learned SO much and I still do not think all the information has set in yet.

Have you ever had conversations or learned about things that made you feel energetic all over? Have you ever felt your soul leap? Have you ever felt like you could not stop talking or thinking about a certain subject? I felt all these things from material covered in the training.

I will start by sharing that my friend Caiti is who told me about this training and attended along side me. I am feel so incredibly honored and grateful that she shared this experience with me. We could not stop talking about….well, everything. We seemed to be getting the same excitement from the training and we have swirls of ideas moving around our heads and hearts. Neither of us know exactly where they are leading to, but it was nice to have someone hear me out and be on the same page.

caiti <3

UpRising Yoga is a non-profit, grassroots organization that takes yoga into juvenile detention centers. When I heard this, I nearly felt my heart leap out of my chest. I knew immediately I needed to attend this training and it addressed so many things I have been thinking and feeling lately. This organization brings both of the worlds I am so passionate about together; working with at-risk adolescents and sharing yoga as a medium for healing.


Some of the topics presented were:

  • Re-building communities by partnering with community members and using their own gifts and talents to improve their vision. This is in contrast to the current social service model that comes from a hierarchal perspective of coming into an “unskilled” community that needs “fixing.”
  • Human Trafficking and the amount of girls currently incarcerated for solicitation related crimes. I was so incredibly ignorant about this issue before and I have been doing research ever since the training. I am appalled about how prevalent this problem is and how close to my own home it is occurring. I have a whole other post planned on just this topic because I cannot shut up about it.
  • Trauma. Trauma was presented by the amazing Jorga Leap as a process and not event. Dr. Leap works with gang members and has done research in gang interventions in communities and discussed the level of trauma that communities face and the effects that has on community members.

Now that I have this knowledge, I feel like I need to do something with it. I am still unclear on exactly what that is, but I hope to bring some form of UpRising Yoga to my own community. I am still thinking, talking and researching exactly how to do that, but I feel compelled, energized and passionate about bringing both of these spaces of my heart together.

UpRising Yoga remind me that Yoga Heals and I hope to find where I can personally facilitate that healing  and bring yoga to where it is not normally seen.

Thank-you to an amazing group of yogis who inspired a new fire within me!