Candace over at Yoga by Candace has been hosting amazing “yoga projects” the past few months, to encourage her readers to progress in particular poses and set yoga intentions .

I really appreciate Candace and her community. She promotes yoga for every BODY and gives accessible tips that encourage all levels. I also appreciate her presentation of projects v. challenges. A challenge can sound intimidating or competitive, a project aligns more with my beliefs of yoga being a practice, a constant work in progress.

This month’s theme is heart opening poses, or back bends. I love heart opening poses. They are such great counter poses for my scrunchy low back and feel like such a nice relief for the way I normally sit, when I am not being mindful. I love teaching heart opening poses and exploring the emotional, mental and spiritual component that can accompany many of these vulnerable poses.

I chose to focus on Mermaid Pose. This pose is difficult for me because of the hip flexibility it requires, which is a constant struggle.

I hope to work my hands closer together and continue working my hip flexibility so they are more open in this pose.

YBC Heart Opening Day 1


Candace has posted an accessible schedule and gives great weekly tips to assist in your chosen pose. Head over to YBC if you are interested in participating!