5 Day Juice cleanse recap I successfully completed a 5 day juice cleanse through Monday-Friday of last week. I tried to pick ingredients for the juices that would help me in my goal to balance out my Pitta Dosha. I posted my ingredients last week. If you have any questions or would like me to email you the ingredient list I used, feel free to email me at angieeatspeace at gmail.

I feel this cleanse went very well. Although it had it’s difficult moments, it was much easier than previous cleanses. The longest juice cleanse I have done was ten days and this felt like a breeze in comparison.

My energy felt insanely high through almost the whole week. Wednesday is when I felt it begin to dip and I had to fight to keep myself awake at a mid-day meeting. Other than that, I realized I was staying up later to read, even though I normally fall asleep pretty early. I was waking up before my alarm or without pressing snooze over and over.  It made me realize how much energy truly goes to digesting food and even more so when the food I eat is difficult to digest.

I also felt much clearer in my mind. I even remembered where I parked my car most days, which is truly a huge accomplishment. I felt much more productive. I realized how much I actually think about food; “What am I going to eat? When am I going to eat? I don’t think I feel like eating what I brought for lunch, what else should I get?” And on and on…I think I may be a wee bit obsessed with food.

The most difficult moments were when I was around food. It would be lunchtime in my office and all the smells would linger around me. Especially, french fries. Mmmmmm. In those moments, I would quietly sip my juice, or make another cup of tea. I was practically swimming in tea throughout this cleanse and drank it in between juices. I feel like I drank my weight in herbs; dandelion, mint, lemon, ginger, etc.

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I was able to keep up with most physical activity I had planned, without much of a problem. I made it to 2 yoga classes, taught 1 class, trained once with my trainer at the gym and did 1 at home yoga practice.

home yoga practice I did not feel light-headed or fatigued during physical activity, as I have on  other cleanses. The movement felt welcome and it felt really good to sweat! I did make sure to drink my smoothie on the evenings where I burned more calories.

smoothie I also tried to fit in time to neti, dry brush, oil massage with essential oils and oil pull with coconut oil. I looked forward to these small, cleansing rituals and saw them as mindful moments of self-care.

neti pot dry brush

I did not experience any heavy detox-like symptoms. I did not experience headaches, heavy fatigue or nausea. I drank tons of water and tried to stay peaceful in difficult situations or when I felt my mind drifting towards food.

Overall, this cleanse was successful. I feel that it helped reset my digestion and get rid of some lazy weight I put on during my winter break. It helped me to focus back on clean eating and was a great way to introduce the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse.

Have you ever done a cleanse?