Every once in a while, I like sharing what I eat on a daily basis, since I get so many questions about what do I eat (as a vegan).

The food in this post was actually all eaten last Wednesday, since I am currently half-way through a 5 day juice cleanse. These meals were also chosen as cooling meals, to continue to balance out my Pitta dosha.

Since attempting to regain balance, I have made changes to my morning drink. I used to start off each day with a cup of warm water + apple cider vinegar + lemon + turmeric + cayenne pepper, to begin stimulating digestion & blood flow.

Vinegar and cayenne pepper are two items I needed to cut out, so my morning drink now consists of water + 1 cap full of cooling aloe + lemon.

pitta balancing water 4 AM-I start my days off pretty early, so I can get in some quiet, reflective time alone before meeting a busy day.  After my water, I drank calming chamomile tea with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil melted in. I quietly sipped my tea while I read and journaled, then did my morning meditation. Finding time for quiet and calm is so vital for me and I found, for my Pitta dosha.

Angie's morning 6 AM-I am out the door for my morning commute and arrive at work around 6:30. I settled in to eat my breakfast while catching up on emails and making my daily to-do list.

This is one of my favorite meals: avocado toast. I top 2 slices of sprouted grain bread with a quarter of avocado. Normally, I would also add garlic salt and red pepper flakes. But, those are aggravating foods, so I swapped them out for tomato, hemp seeds and hemp oil. This meal was packed with healthy fats!

avocado toast 11 AM– The toast kept me pretty full for most of the morning, but at lunch time, I was ready for my sweet potato + sweet black bean mixture.

Sweet potatoes + beans is one of my favorite meals. The combo is so flavorful. Normally, I eat this meal with spicy chili beans + cumin + garlic salt.

I swapped out those spicy additions and instead mixed my black beans with toasted walnuts, maple syrup and cooling coriander. It took some getting used to because I love that spicy combination, but this was still delicious. Topping it with a quarter of diced avocado also added to the flavor.

black beans and sweet potato This meal was insanely filling! I could not eat it all at once, and finished another portion of it around 2 PM. I was stuffed!

5 PM-I taught my beginners yoga class. I had planned to snack on some berries before class, but was still incredibly full from lunch.

6:30 PM-I stayed after my class to take the 90 minute vinyasa flow class. It was an intense, but rejuvenating practice.

8:30 PM-I was only slightly hungry (that lunch was a beast!). I kept it light with a cooling smoothie.

For two people, this smoothie contained; 2 bananas, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 packet of Vega sport protein powder, 2 tablespoons of flax oil, 2 capfuls of aloe juice.

Note: bananas are not recommended when trying to balance Pitta dosha, but we still had some and I did not want to waste.

cooling smoothie 15644616564_be9468d8f3_o

Balancing out my Pitta dosha is not as difficult as I thought it would be. It is taking some getting to used, since I rely on my standard favorite meals. It is taking some creativity and simple swaps in spices, but I am up for the challenge!