I am making small attempts to research and put into practice how to balance out my Pitta Dosha. After reading Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health, it became more clear to me that according to the principles of Ayurveda, my Pitta is out of balance.

So what makes me come to this conclusion? When reading what an out of balance Pitta looks like, I was noticing a few things, but the most blaring is this awful, ugly skin rash I have been battling.

I am super embarrassed by this, but hope it can be helpful as I explore this Ayurvedic journey.


This rash started over a year ago (!!!). It started out on my right hand and it seemed to be triggered by the lemon I was squeezing into my water every morning. I soon stopped with the fresh lemons (and switched to lemon oil), but the rash did not go away. It itched, burned and my hand looked like one of Khalessi’s dragons.


I tried most of the over the counter skin creams, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E oil, lavender, cedarwood and tea tree essential oils. These all helped with the symptoms and sometimes it would seem like I was completely healed, then out of nowhere, I would break out all over again.

I thought maybe I was allergic to lemon all together, and started to forgo my morning lemon oil in my water. This did not seem to make much of a difference and I missed my lemon water. I went to the Dr. and asked if I had eczema. He said no and told me to just use Eucerin. I saw an iridologist who said it could be because of a digestive issue and recommended enzymes and probiotics.

The thought that it was something more internally in my body as opposed to something I was coming in contact with externally made more sense. I certainly believe what we put in our bodies shows up on the outside of our bodies, and our skin being our largest organ is our first signal that something is off on the inside.

I started doing more research, which eventually lead me to Ayurveda and Deepak Chopra’s book.

Currently, my hand is much better, but my arms and neck are a mess. Again, I am embarrassed by how this looks, but hope to document healing.


I am an itchy, burning mess. I am currently using a blend of cocoa butter, vitamin E, lavender and cedarwood oil. This blend helps tremendously and eases the symptoms, but I want to heal whatever is causing this to re-occur.

Here’s where Ayurveda comes in. The Pitta dosha is associated with fire and having an imbalance, or too much Pitta (in my case) can cause these types of skin eruptions. Stress, anxiety and frustration can exacerbate these symptoms (something else I need to work on), but the diet portion I am targeting is to eat more healing foods.

Foods that increase Pitta are salty, spicy and sour, essentially, all my favorites. In my research I found to calm the Pitta dosha, I should reduce alcohol, fried foods, hot sauce, garlic, onion, ginger, bananas and vinegar (which are basically all my comfort foods).

I am going to do my best to try this though and increase more cooling foods into my diet, such as aloe, sweeter fruits and vegetables, only certain grains and beans and experimenting with different spices.

My natural tendency is to cook most of my meals with tons of onion and garlic (I am sure I smell great!) and use strong seasonings. I also slather on hot sauce, sriracha or cayenne pepper on nearly each meal. However, it’s looking like I need to back off these items for the time being, until I get this under control.

What I do appreciate about the principles of an Ayurvedic diet is that it does not say that I can never have these foods again, just that I should back off till I am back in balance and then consume them more in moderation, in the future.

I will share some of the small swaps I have been making to try make in my diet, so it’s more cooling and not as Pitta irritating.

Have you ever practiced Ayurveda?