When I used to think of sushi, I did not used to think “vegan,” but I have thankfully discovered that most sushi bars have excellent vegan options.

My husband & I visited Sushi Zutto and were pleased with all the plant-based options and the lack of fish smell inside. I have been to a few places where the smell is just way too overwhelming and I do not even want to eat (which is saying a lot, for me).

We started with miso soup (perfectly warming, not too salty, but flavorful), edamame and Asahi beer.

16152729685_fdb894881b_o We quickly made our selections, asked for a few of the dishes to not include imitation crab-meet, ordered all rolls with soy paper (I am not a fan of seaweed) and pretty soon, food begin appearing quicker than we could eat.

We ordered avocado + rice rolls, cucumber + rice rolls

16152729125_7234fa4da8_o Vegetable rolls (these were my favorite! Very fresh tasting)

16126936896_277e54e3e2_o And tofu tempura rolls (perfectly fried, not too greasy!)

16151963122_62e02a394e_o The food was delicious, the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, the beer was cold and the conversation with the sushi chef was welcomed.

We will definitely be back!