I am back to work today, after two glorious weeks off.

Working for the public school system affords me a wonderful schedule, and I generally jump on every chance I can get to travel. The past few winter holidays have been spent in New York, The Grand Canyon, Mexico and Colorado.

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As the break drew closer and closer, my husband and I discussed more and more where we should visit. We tossed around the idea of China, but it felt too rushed. We considered going back to Mexico, but it just never manifested. We discussed various camping trips or backpacking again, but neither of us seemed to have the motivation to put an actual plan into place.

We finally realized; we were exhausted.

We ashamedly admitted and were equally relieved to find that neither one of us wanted to do much of anything. A whole lot of naps, Netflix and chill time was what we were both craving.

We both love our jobs, but this school year has been particularly tiring for us both. We are involved in multiple programs at our schools and find so much positivity in it all, but, were also drained.

I did not realize how tired we were, until we actually slowed down, and did nothing.

And, it felt so good.

I did not realize how much sleep I have been missing out on, till I finally got the appropriate amount of sleep. Β It was almost worrying me how much I was sleeping each day; how long I could nap and still be asleep early that night. There were lines that were under my eyes that have disappeared, just as I was making peace with them being a permanent fixture on my face.

Here is how I spent most of my time. Tons of reading, journaling, cuddling under blankets and loads of Netflix + tea.

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We watched many episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. I vicariously lived through him as he travelled around the world and felt nostalgic pulls at my heart during the episodes he visited Granada, Spain & Tangier, Morocco.

I had moments when I really questioned what was happening to me…was I getting that old? Is this what my breaks would be like from now on? Is work wearing me out that much?

Even amongst the doubt, I know we made the right choice to take some down time to relax. There will be more time off and more trips to come.

China + Japan has already been booked for July 2015 and we already have some ideas of where to spend our Spring Break.

We did get off the couch long enough for a short camping trip + a few hikes. These were equally invigorating, but, still, the couch was welcoming when we came home.


Red Rock Canyon




Hiking + Wine

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I hope as I return to work, that I am able to take better care of myself and be more efficient with my time, so I am not running around so exhausted.

How do you manage self-care?