Oh, Melody Beattie, your words have been the song of my soul through 2014.

Journey to the Heart has been sitting on the altar of the yoga studio I teach at for the past few years. I picked up the book sometime last year, skimmed it and knew I needed to read it in it’s entirety.



It is set up so you can read a short entry per day that guides through a journey into your soul, heart and mind onto a path of healing.


Many of the yoga classes I have taught this year have been based by an entry, sentence or an idea from this book. I would read something that would strike such a loud chord within me and I would change the whole plan for what I had to teach that day, to surround that concept.

There were so many moments I read something and wanted to shout “WAIT!” It would send me into a flurry of journaling or talking with my spiritual sister about something that had just shifted my perspective.

Some of my favorite entries/quotes are:

June 18-Don’t Worry “Worrying doesn’t help. Our worries haven’t prevented one disaster along the way. At times, the only thing they’ve prevented is our joy.”

August 23-The Spiritual Experience is You “When I look at people now, I don’t see issues. I see souls.”

September 12-Energize Yourself “Don’t tell yourself you have no energy. You are energy.”

…and on and on.

My copy is now battered, written, dog-earred and marked all up. It has been put to great use and I have learned, reflected and shared. I bought a copy for two of my closest friends and hope they find their own journey through the book, in this new year.

I know this will be a book I go back to again and again. I cannot recommend highly enough. If you are on journey (aren’t we all), get this book! If you need words of encouragement and helpful reminders to engage in self-care, get this book! If you know you need to make time for yourself each day, even just a little, grab this book and a journey and a few minutes aside for reflection.

What book has sung the song of your soul?