I read some amazing books in December! The books were so good, that they deserve their own individual posts that I will be sharing throughout the week.

Except for Tales from the Yoga Studio. This one was just OK, or maybe even less than that. I read this book for my yoga’s studio book club and it will be a good one to trash talk over some wine with my fellow yogis. If you need a light, mindless read or a fast book that can showcase how seedy the business of yoga can get, than pick up this book.

I wanted to get some feedback from my readers about my book reviews. For the past two years, I have blogged about each book I have read monthly, with a short review. Is anyone still interested in reading about each and every book I have read, or would you prefer I only showcase books here that I can give a more in-depth review of, because of the effect they had on me (good or bad)?

Any feedback about how book reviews are shared here (or if that’s even a desired category anymore) is appreciated!