I was fortunate enough to have all of last week off. I definitely needed it.

Work has been hectic and draining. I thoroughly enjoy my job, but also need to recharge.

I find that energy I need, the grounding, re-connecting and life force more when I am out in nature.

Fortunately, I love in Southern California and have access to the ocean, deserts and mountains.

I started off my week at my home away from home, Venice Beach. We danced with the Hare Krishnas, did yoga in the drum circle and basked in the most delicious sun set.

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The middle of the week set me amongst the mountains. We did a short, but invigorating hike in the crisp air and higher elevation. I love being lost amongst the trees and ascending higher and higher away from noise, traffic, people, problems and perceived problems. I find that I love escaping into nature because of the silence and solitude. However, I realize so much of the “noise” I am trying to escape is self-created. I make lists in my head, talk negatively to myself and pressure myself to do more, be better and go faster. Being away from my normal day to day life helps me put all these things in perspective and silence my monkey mind.

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I ended my week in the great expanse of the healing desert, with a camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park. This was SO needed and set my soul at ease. I took day hikes out in the middle of the desert and felt so wonderfully small. I laid on warm rocks like a lizard for extended amounts of time. I drank my favorite beer, IPA by the camp fire and read for hours. I talked and talked and talked with some of my favorite people and ate far too much delicious food.

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The beach set my spirit free, the mountains stirred it up and the desert put it back to rest.

Where do you find connection?