Today, I turn 31 years old and it feels good.

My 30s have been good to me, I am enjoying them SO much more than my 20s and feel a great sense of peace and inner calm about who I am.

In this past year, I feel that I have developed a greater awareness and connection with not only my self, but also my surroundings.

I have made strides in making peace with all my flaws and imperfections.

I am not ashamed any more of my vulnerability. I am a sensitive person and I have stopped apologizing for that. I have also stopped seeing it as a sign of weakness. I have embraced my sensitivity and validated myself as both empathetic and sympathetic and appreciated that I am very in tune with various energies and vibrations.

I am no longer afraid to have moments of extreme weakness and talk about them with others. I do not need to be the strong one all the time and I am not embarrassed to admit when I am struggling. I have found a great sense of freedom in simply saying, “I am overwhelmed” or “I need help.” I have a wonderful support system and I have opened myself up to be honest when needing to access it.

Taking care of my health has become of paramount importance. I do not function well when I am not getting enough sleep, drinking enough water or eating enough greens. Those times when I do binge on junk food or drink alcohol are much harder to bounce back from and are losing their appeal.

I am shedding my overachiever skin more and more. Being an overachiever helped me reach many goals, but also left me stressed, anxious and tense in body and soul. I listen to my heart more than my head these days, and have stopped seeing it as a negative thing.

I give myself so much more grace when I do not achieve goals, although they are still very important to me. I do not beat myself up when I skip the gym, or yoga class, but I still strive to make it there.

My connections have become my primary focus. I am deeply committed to maintain a strong connection with my family, my friends, the earth, other sentient beings and meaningful issues.

31 is going to be amazing.

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