March has usually been a month of examination and transformation, in my life. It may be something to do with the changing seasons, or transition to daylight savings time, but it seems that I am often making evaluations and alterations in my life, during this month.

This March marks 8 years since I went vegetarian. This was one of the most pivotal and important decisions I ever made. You can read all about my transition to Vegetarianism and then to Veganism by clicking those links.

The bottom line is I first went vegetarian for the animals. I had strong convictions about eating animals, I was finally honest with myself and could not do it any longer. I felt SO much better ethically, when I cut out meat (along with physically, emotionally and psychologically).


I later learned about the environmental and health benefits of an animal-free diet, later and this strengthened my resolve in the decision and eventually, helped me decide to transition into veganism.

I recently watched Earthlings, a documentary about the way that humans relate to and treat animals. It was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. I was incredibly emotional through the whole documentary and it was very difficult to get through and continue to watch, I kept telling myself, if animals have had to endure, I can at least watch it and educate myself further.

Earthlings_(film)This is my no means an easy, entertaining film, but I urge everyone to watch it, to have a better understanding of where their food potentially comes from and make informed decisions about their food choices.

The one word that continually resounded through my head throughout the film was WRONG. I feel the way that human beings have treated animals is WRONG. I feel speciesm is WRONG. I feel, for myself, using an animal for food, when it is not necessary is WRONG.

I feel much better about myself and the choice I have made in being vegan. If you have ever been curious about veganism, March 20th is the great Meat Out, a day that encourages everyone to try veganism out. If you cannot do it March 20th, do it another day. If you cannot do it the whole day, try it for half. Give veganism a shot and do something healthy for yourself, our animal friends, the earth and raise collective compassionism.


If you have ANY questions about veganism or vegetarianism, I can answer the best I can, based on my experiences. I am not interested in judging or bashing anyone’s eating habits, I simply love to spread the benefits I have found in this lifestyle and save as many animals as I possibly can.

Thank-you to my sister, for making the commitment! <3


May ALL beings, be healthy and free.