In the month of March, I decided to participate in my yoga studio’s 30 Day Yoga challenge. This is pretty much what it sounds like, you commit to do yoga for 30 days straight. 22 of those days must be done at the yoga studio, and the rest can be done as a home practice.

30 day

I participated in this challenge back in 2012, but was not able to in 2013, because of my trip to Shanghai. I was eager to give it another try this year. What I learned most from doing the challenge in 2012, is that there truly is time everyday for yoga, if you make it a priority. I have lost some connection with that and am hoping to gain it back.

Also back in 2012, I first started a home practice. I had never practiced at home, on my own, before the challenge and I found it very difficult to try to do a class completely by myself. Since then, my home practice has grown tremendously and it’s one of my favorite ways to do yoga. I love the time alone to connect with my breath and get inside my own mind and body. I am interested to see how/if my home practice evolves because of the challenge.

The hardest part will making it to the studio somedays, especially if I end up working late or have a long day. I know I have to make this a priority and will be glad that I did it.

I am excited for this challenge! Wish me luck!